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Something really special happens when an inventive chef gets busy using nature's bounty. Wow!
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Scientists agree that food systems play an important role in the health of people and the environment. 
Savor the flavor! 

For the first time in recorded history, Americans are spending more money at bars and restaurants than they are buying groceries. We love eating out and we believe in eating well. Foodie Fever multi-platform media was developed by the committed foodies at Ecocuriean Traveler for those willing to travel any distance to experience the flavors, culture, and culinary traditions that define the tastes of a particular place.

Our first targeted destination is Houston Texas, with a culinary diversity and inventiveness that has led to it being considered The Culinary Capital of the South. 


What you can expect:


1. A guide to local restaurants, bars, wineries and other food and beverage vendors who contribute to the culture and character of their community  and, 

2. A most trusted source of information about sustainable tourism for socially conscious consumers.


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